Comcast Unleashes PowerBoost On Uploads (woot!!111one)

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on May 14th, 2007 in Beer Planet

According to some news reports, Comcast is increasing upload speeds for its 6 and 8 mbps cable customers (like me). Today I was extremely pleasantly surprised to see that my upload speed had doubled. Considering that the site is hosted on the same Comcast connection, it's probably good news for everyone, as it will load faster. Here's the result of a speed test I ran today:

Edit: Ah, I was too hasty to get exited. Apparently the power boost only works on the first 5-10 MB of the transfer, after which it cuts back down to the regular speed. I am quite sure it'll still make the site faster as most pages and files are less than 5 MB.

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