About a week ago, I started seeing really weird behavior on digg and fatwallet, among other sites. For instance, while viewing any digg article, the CPU goes to 100% and Firefox becomes unresponsive – it even pops up the "Script not responding" message similar to:

My digg viewing experience has plunged and I even resorted to using (gasp, how dares he!) Internet Exploder. It was even weirder at Fatwallet (wtf!?):

By then, I've had enough. I started disabling countless Firefox extensions (now called add-ons for some moronic marketing reason), and long behold – both Digg and Fatwallet are just fine after disabling ImageZoom. Who would have thought… apparently it has some horrible memory leaks. Checking ImageZoom's forum seems to confirm that others have the same problem (current version is 0.3). Anybody else with these symptoms?

Edit: I just noticed that the extension does something completely random at every page. Some have a global zoom at 75%, some at 90%, some at Autofit. I'm getting rid of this crap. Here's an example:

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