This is my large scale timeline (constantly updated):
June 1983

16: Little me is born in Kharkov, Ukraine.

May 2006

8: It's Milla's birthday and she gets the best present ever.

June 2006

16: I turn 23. Not too happy that I'm this old.
21: My first day at the new job: Blinkx.
25: Cambridge business trip. After 3rd day of work, scary, but exciting.

July 2006

8: I visit London while I'm in the UK.
21: I return from the UK after almost a month, happy to see San Francisco again.

October 2006

7: ATB visits San Francisco with a live concert at club 1015 Folsom. I have a ton of fun.

February 2007

10: I am in Seattle with Zhopik on our anniversary vacation. The flight arrives early, we get the last 2 tickets to the Ducks of Seattle, Safeway and a movie theater are across the street from the hotel, and the hotel rocks! What a good start.

March 2007

17: My car gets broken into on Milla's parents' driveway. RIP radar detector, iPod Mini, and GPS charger.

April 2007

1: I become Senior Software Engineer at blinkx.
16: My car gets broken into the 2nd time in a month. In the middle of a parking lot on Embarcadero in broad daylight. RIP 2nd GPS charger.
16: Blinkx is set to go public. Good or bad? We'll see.
28: Sergio and I go see Paul Van Dyk live in concert at 1015 Folsom and enjoy 5 hours of godlike trance.

May 2007

23: Blinkx goes public on LSE (AIM) under the symbol BLNX. It gains 40% on the first day.

June 2007

12-28: Zhopik and I visit Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia as well as my mom and grandma. There are lots of pictures here.
26: I sample Absinthe in St Petersburg (King of Spirits).

July 2007

28: Ruslan, Lera, and I crash the long-awaited Tiesto party at the Civic Center Auditorium.

August 2007

12: Had a lot of fun paint balling for the first time at Sherwood Forest with Vica, Misha, and Z.

May 2008

22-26: I visit Mexico and it is awesome.

  • Amass

    Uhm… Are you still in Mexico? U ok?