beer planet is Artem Russakovskii's personal homepage and an outlet for his useful and not so useful ramblings about life, programming, databases, humor, and other nonsense.

Beer? Planet? Awesome idea, isn't it? Now that we're clear about how awesome it is, feel free to look around the site.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, you won't find anything related to beer or astronomy here. I just thought beer planet was a cool name. Don't you?


Artem grew up in Ukraine and moved to the US in April 1999. He settled in San Francisco and in 2001 started attending University of California Davis with a declared Computer Science major. In 2006, Artem received his Computer Science BS degree along with the BA in Russian.

Currently, Artem lives in San Francisco with his beautiful wife Milla and works at a social network and online address book company Plaxo. His current passion is AndroidPolice.com which he founded in March of 2010. Previously, Artem spent 3 years at a video search engine company called Blinkx.

Most of the time you will find Artem tinkering with one of his 10 PCs, writing new blog posts, programming, reading reddit, tweeting, or preparing for world domination.

Artem values organization, thinking ahead, careful research, low bureaucracy, and good communication.


Feel free to contact Artem with any comments or suggestions by filling out the form below or emailing admin [at] beerpla [dot] net.

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  • Cling Hillman

    Hi Artem!

    You are very geeky indeed. I just would like to ask about site security. I was already hacked at least 3 times and no matter what I do, I am really hacked. My solution now is just to prepare backups for websites – just to be ready when someone hacks them. I would just then transfer to another server and put the backup there. I really don't have protection against hackers except backups.

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