Why Are?.. – Presented By Google [PICTURES]

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on January 31st, 2010 in Humor, Politics, Stuff

Google Recently, I decided to conduct a Google experiment and write down what the search engines suggests for the phrase "why are" followed by all kinds of nationalities, races, and localities (alright, "recently" seems to be last March, as evident from the Google theme, but I only decided to post this now).

I did this just for fun and found most of the results funny, some hilarious, and some offensive and controversial.

However, all of them have a reason for being there – statistics. It's what people search for. The cream of the crop. Stereotypes, hilarities, it's all here.

If you can, please don't take them too close to heart. In fact, if you're a righteous conservative thinking of lecturing me, …

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Sarah Palin's Intelligence

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on October 6th, 2008 in Politics

image I was just listening to the VP debate from the other day, the one so successfully punned by SNL, and was convinced further, beyond a reasonable doubt, how clueless, primitive, and short-minded Palin is. She is just a puppet in McCain's senile hands – I cannot believe almost half of America is unable to see that. McCain is not a Maverick and she is not a Maverick by far. I just cannot believe she is even running. McCain = Bush. Anyway, before I get fueled up too much and smash my keyboard, here is my point:

If there is a definitive way that I have devised of telling if a person is intelligent or not is this: if you say …

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