MySQL Conference Liveblogging: The Future Of MySQL (Tuesday 11:55AM)

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on April 15th, 2008 in Databases

  • Robin Schumacher
  • gives overview of MySQL products
  • MySQL Enterprise
  • MySQL 5.1 announced
    • table/index partitioning -> great for data warehouses, range, cache, key, list, composite, subpartitioning. Partition pruning. Response time greatly improved with proper partitioning.
    • row-based/hybrid replication -> safer and smarter
    • disk-based cluster -> supports bigger DBs
    • built-in job scheduler -> simplified task management
    • problem SQL identification -> easier troubleshooting. Dynamic query tracing is now available, no need to trace things in slow query logs.
    • faster full-text search -> 500% increase in some cases
    • 5.1.24RC available for the conference
  • MySQL 6.0
    • Falcon engine – transactional engine
    • new backup (version 1.0) -> cross engine, non-blocking, to replace mysqldump
  • Falcon
    • planned default transactional storage engine. Q4 GA (general availability).
    • not InnoDB replacement
    • most
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