Monitor All Your Domains From One Location

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on December 19th, 2008 in Stuff

For quite a while now I wanted a tool to maintain a list of my domains and monitor them for expirations and registration state changes. Having a spreadsheet didn’t cut it anymore but thanks to Joel’s question on stackoverflow, I found DomainTools monitor.

The monitor is free, can track up to 1000 domains and send email (and RSS) alerts when it detects any status changes. Here are the advertised features:

  • Domain Status like "registrar-lock", "redemption-period", and "pending-delete" changes will be sent to you so you can take action when your favorite domains are about to be released.
  • Domain Registar changes are a sign of domain transfers which are detected by Domain Monitor.
  • Expiration dates are monitored so
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MySQL Conference Liveblogging: Benchmarking Tools (Wednesday 4:25PM)

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on April 16th, 2008 in Databases

  • Tom Hanlon of MySQL presents
  • Benchmarking tools
  • sql-bench
    • pros
      • ubiquitous
      • long history of use
    • cons
      • single thread
      • Perl
      • not always real-life test cases (create 10k tables?)
    • list of tests follows
  • supersmack
    • configurable, flexible
    • 1000 queries, 50 users
      • super-smack -d mysql select-key-smack 50 1000
    • can modify queries to be closer to what your own application uses
    • pros
      • benches concurrent connections
      • well documented
    • cons
      • test language sucks
  • Apache Bench
    • webserver benchmarking tool
    • point to a webserver, utilizes concurrent users
    • siege, httperf, httpload are similar
    • 404 errors deliver really quickly, so make sure to check for those
  • benchmark()
    • tests
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