• Paul McCullagh presents
  • BLOB
  • invented by Jim Starkey
  • Basic Large OBject
  • Binary Large OBject
  • photos, films, mp4 files, pdfs, etc
  • how MySQL handles BLOBs
    • mysql client send buffer -> receive buffer on the server (max_allowed_packet)
    • streaming a BLOB
    • continuous data stream
    • stream BLOB data directly in and out of the database
    • store BLOBs of any size (>4GB) in the database
    • create a scalable back-end that can handle any throughput and storage requirements. Wouldn't need to know in advance how big the database will get
    • provide an open system that can be used by all engines
    • provide extensions for BLOB streaming to existing MySQL clients
  • why put BLOBs in the database?
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