Unbelievable Security Flaw in Regular Locks Makes Them Obsolete

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on August 6th, 2006 in Security


An unbelievable security flaw in locks, this is a very good lockpicking technique, works on at least 90% of all pin locks, very interesting, the man in the video is Barry Wels, a lock and security extrodinaire.

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  • NewGate Security Gates

    Shame the video has been taken dowm, i managed to find it on metacafe though.

    These kind of tactics are interesting but work on less locks than you might expect, they also take a lot of practice to achieve so the situation is not quite as bad as you think.

    • Bloxwich Locksmith Services

      The theory is correct however lockmanufacturers picked up on this a long time ago and it only really works on cheap locks that are mass produced with poor tollerances

  • This dosnt happen as often as you think