Funniest DUI Video I've Seen

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on April 12th, 2007 in Humor

Warning: heavy profanity but what did you expect?

Ruslan, you will love this.

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  • Where is the rest of the video? You know they beat the shit out of drunk guy when she screamed "That concludes the video"!

  • California DUI

    Wow Looks like this guy needs to know his rights a little better!

  • California DUI Lawyers

    The unfortunate thing is is that when someone is intoxicated to this level or has a below average IQ, they are not aware of the fact that they can kindly refuse the field sbriety tests.

    I totally agree that this video is extremely funny, but it also demonstrates how the police work very hard at building a case against someone accused of DUI that will hold up in court.

  • John Musca

    This video is profoundly sad. All too often those that are intoxicated are not within their right mind and are taken advantage of while being arbitrarily searched and seized. Officers are well aware of the fact that a suspect is entitled to double refusal.

    Although, in this case the officer did ask if the suspect wanted to proceed with the field test, the officer never mentioned that the suspect was not required to do so.

    I must say that I would wager that a low IQ is just as much to blame as the alcohol as the suspect had no problem walking towards the camera and no problem saying the word "incriminate' without so much as a slur or a stutter.

    Also note that the officer stated "don't touch me again", I find this a bit odd as I do not recall the suspect touching her prior to accidently touching her hand when she made the comment.

    In ending everyone has a right to double refusal whereas you can refuse the field exercises and the breathalyzer, in doing so, your driver’s license is immediately suspended. However, you will receive a 10 day temporary where you have time to retain legal counsel and file an FAH (Formal Administrative Hearing) to gain your driver’s license back. Also keep in mind that when you retain an aggressive criminal defense attorney they will work diligently to have your DUI charge reduced to reckless driving or dismissed. If you are found not guilty on a DUI charge, then your driver’s license cannot remain suspended.

  • James Boldwell

    That is funny and unfortunately very true! They have zero tolerance here and you can watch them (the police) one block from the pub getting their share of unsuspecting suckers that went for one beer.