MySQL Conference Liveblogging: Monitoring Tools (Wednesday 5:15PM)

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on April 16th, 2008 in Databases

Updated: April 18th, 2008

  • Tom Hanlon of MySQL presents
  • monitoring tool basics
  • basic tools
    • mysqladmin is provided with the server
      • mysqladmin -i 10 extended status: will repeat the same command every 10 seconds. Pipe through grep "and smoke it" (bad pun, hah hah)
      • -r: show only changed values
    • MySQL Administrator
  • cacti
    • rrdtool based network graphing tool
    • uses snmp
    • PHP apache and MySQL based solution
    • MySQL plugins, download and install
    • "poller" gathers data and populates the graphs
    • someone offers munin as an alternative
      • not snmp based, its own agent is used
    • pros
      • cacti is fairly easy to configure
    • cons
      • could be CPU intensive with lots of machines (Perl polling seems to be the problem)
  • zenoss
    • complete network monitoring tool
    • AJAX, integrated with Google Maps (if you don't know where the servers are, everyone laughs at this comment)
  • innotop
    • monitoring innodb, complex output
    • developed by Baron Schwartz
  • mytop
    • similar to Linux's top
    • filter connections on database/host being used
    • queries per sec
  • mtstat-mysql
    • plugin for the system monitoring tool mtstat
    • mtstat provides functionality of vmstat and iostat tools to monitor system activity
  • nagios
    • nagios is more of a notification tool, although it can do graphs
    • pain to set up, text config files, but still the most widely used tool, should be better in upcoming versions
    • NagiosQL is a front end tool for nagios administration (somebody from the audience pointed this out, that's completely new to me!)
    • I offer zabbix as an alternative
    • hyperic is another, apparently very easy to set up, with service autodiscovery
  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor (not free)
    • graphs, monitoring, GUI
    • built by MySQL folks themselves
    • agent based
    • well organized
  • webyog, sqlyog, monyog, mon, heartbeat, moodss, fiveruns are added by the audience members
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