MySQL Conference Liveblogging: Monitoring Tools (Wednesday 5:15PM)

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on April 16th, 2008 in Databases

Updated: April 18th, 2008

  • Tom Hanlon of MySQL presents
  • monitoring tool basics
  • basic tools
    • mysqladmin is provided with the server
      • mysqladmin -i 10 extended status: will repeat the same command every 10 seconds. Pipe through grep "and smoke it" (bad pun, hah hah)
      • -r: show only changed values
    • MySQL Administrator
  • cacti
    • rrdtool based network graphing tool
    • uses snmp
    • PHP apache and MySQL based solution
    • MySQL plugins, download and install
    • "poller" gathers data and populates the graphs
    • someone offers munin as an alternative
      • not snmp based, its own agent is used
    • pros
      • cacti is fairly easy to configure
    • cons
      • could be CPU intensive with lots of machines (Perl polling seems to be the problem)
  • zenoss
    • complete network monitoring tool
    • AJAX, integrated with Google Maps (if you don't know where the servers are, everyone laughs at this comment)
  • innotop
    • monitoring innodb, complex output
    • developed by Baron Schwartz
  • mytop
    • similar to Linux's top
    • filter connections on database/host being used
    • queries per sec
  • mtstat-mysql
    • plugin for the system monitoring tool mtstat
    • mtstat provides functionality of vmstat and iostat tools to monitor system activity
  • nagios
    • nagios is more of a notification tool, although it can do graphs
    • pain to set up, text config files, but still the most widely used tool, should be better in upcoming versions
    • NagiosQL is a front end tool for nagios administration (somebody from the audience pointed this out, that's completely new to me!)
    • I offer zabbix as an alternative
    • hyperic is another, apparently very easy to set up, with service autodiscovery
  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor (not free)
    • graphs, monitoring, GUI
    • built by MySQL folks themselves
    • agent based
    • well organized
  • webyog, sqlyog, monyog, mon, heartbeat, moodss, fiveruns are added by the audience members
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  • Tom Hanlon

    Thanks for the awesome notes. I should add that a nice tool proposed by an audience member was
    selenium for web testing.

    Also a tool for configuring nagios (arghhh) was submitted b a helpful audience member.


    Tom Hanlon

  • Thanks, Tom. As you can see, NagiosQL is already in the list and selenium actually refers to the previous presentation related to tools rather than monitoring, which is why I've already put it here. 😉 Awesome presentation btw, very useful.

  • Berry

    hi all, play with mysql monitoring tool. then look what i have found monyog just for free. simply rocks!!!

  • nil

    Pandora FMS is an excellent alternative. It's a professional monitoring system for all kind of enterprise environments.


  • Sorry, Pandora FMS doesn't look like a good alternative. Every time I try the online demo, it's either down or takes ages to half-load. If it can't scale, it's not ready for business.

  • mp4todvd

    Informative post. I am learning MySQL now, it's really helpful.