Most Awesome Halloween Costume. Signed, Apple Fanboy.

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on October 28th, 2007 in Awesomeness, Entertainment, Humor

Can you think of a better Halloween costume this year than what these guys came up with? Lifesize iPhones, coming to a Halloween party near you. Normally, I'd say, this is dorky, but… it's just awesome. Imagine wearing this to a club, you'd be the life of the party.
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  • William Gardner

    Haha I had never seen this before – I wonder if this year people will be wearing T-Mobile Android phones one in protest?!

  • Leslie

    Oh my gosh I wish I had that costume for Halloween!!!

  • Matt

    It's funny how some Halloween costume ideas seem to linger for several years. I think we will see more iphones, Sarah Palins, etc. The best costume I saw last year was a guy wearing some ripped up phones, motherboards and other junk all held together by parallel cables draped around his body. All night, he only answered to "E-waste." I love halloween.

  • Tom

    Kudos on bringing this to my attention. I think the iPhone is a rather clever even though it's been around for two years now. What's next? An iPod Touch?