How To List Files Within tgz (tar.gz) Archives

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on April 26th, 2008 in Linux

This may not be very obvious but this is the command line to list files within a tar.gz archive on the fly:

tar -tzf file.tar.gz

-t: lists files
-f: instructs tar to deal with the following filename (file.tar.gz)
-z: informs tar that the it's dealing with a gzip file (-j if it's bzip2)

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  • sunny

    thanks !!!!

  • clive

    How can I list the contents of multiple archives within a folder? Have tried;
    for i in *; do if [ -d "$i" ]; then tar tzvf "$i".tar.gz "$i" >> tar.gz-list.txt; fi; done
    but this does not work.
    Any suggestions?

    • This is how I would do it:

      find . -name "*.tgz" -exec tar tzf {} ; > list.txt

      Just tried it and it works fine (adjust it for your own extention – I used tgz).

  • clive

    Artem Russakovskii says:
    November 5, 2010 at 10:05 am

    This is how I would do it:

    find . -name "*.tgz" -exec tar tzf {} \; > list.txt

    Thanks Artem, I'll give it a go and them try to understand the code layout.

  • clive

    The code you supplied worked, thanks. If I wanted the text to appear in the terminal window as well as being piped to a text file should I add a verbose flag to the tar command? For example;
    find . -name "*.tgz" -exec tar tzvf {} \; > list.txt

  • Carl W.

    Very helpful, thank you!

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