Best Current Shows On TV That I’m Addicted To

Posted by Artem Russakovskii on October 12th, 2008 in Entertainment

Updated: November 16th, 2008

There are some shows on TV that make me vomit (hint: most, especially on MTV). Others don’t spark any interest at all. But there are select few that are anywhere from great to outstanding. I’m here to help you sort through all the bullshit.

Here is my list (these shows are relatively new, I didn’t want to include classics, like Seinfeld):

1. The Unit. Dennis Haysbert (that’s president Palmer from 24) and his crew make The Unit simply amazing. Each episode offers a new unique captivating mission, while sticking to the main plot. Battle action and The Unit’s family lives are mixed together perfectly. I recommend watching from season 1. A+.


2. How I Met Your Mother. Best comedy on TV. In fact, to me it’s the best comedy TV show ever. It makes me very-very happy every time I watch it. The humor is very down-to-earth and natural. This show cannot and should not end. Ever. Definitely start from season 1 with this one. A+.


3. Rescue Me. Dennis Leary is an asshole. And a superb one in this firefighter drama. It’s on some sort of hiatus but there are 4 seasons you can enjoy already. A.


4. Californication. David Duchovny is yet another asshole. A mess he calls his life is extremely entertaining. A-.


5. Prison Break. The latest season is quite captivating. They don’t mess around with simple plots anymore. In the current season, the episodes are packed with plenty of twists – more than episodes of season 1 altogether. A-.


6. The Closer. Kyra Sedgwick is in charge of the priority homicide team. What sets this show apart from 100s of others within the same “solve a homicide” group? Well, it’s Kyra Sedgwick, the way she talks, walks, and thinks, as well as her well cast team. A-


7. The Big Bang Theory. It’s The IT Crowd reborn. The ubergeekness of this show is right up my alley (for example the last episode was dedicated almost exclusively to a WoW clone). While Penny pisses the shit out of me, Sheldon is excellent. B+.

Edit: lately, it seems the writers ran out of steam, so I'm downgrading this show to a C+.


You can find full episodes of these shows all over the internet nowadays, including blinkx remote – a project I’ve worked on at blinkx. Feel free to share your thoughts, what you like and dislike about the above or something I’ve missed.

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  • Out of this list, I only watch The Unit, Prison Break, and Big Bang Theory. I agree that The Unit is definitely the best TV Show out of my list of shows. I'm planning to stop watching some of my shows that have gotten less interesting and I will definitely check out the other ones you've listed.

  • Dave

    the best TV show for me is Friends… I'm agree for prison break, i love it , but Friends are somehow best comedy show that i ever seen 🙂

  • Someone with taste

    just had to comment, i've been googling to find tv shows worth my time, and by far you have some of the worst taste i've ever come across. i've seen all the shows you mentioned and they're trash, 100%

  • @Dave
    sure, but Friends is classics and has been over for years. My list includes only relatively current shows.

    @Someone with supposed taste
    congratulations, you win the troll of the month award. Regardless, this is America and you have the right to your opinion, so I welcome your list, out of curiosity. To each their own, ever heard of it?
    If your list is going to include shows exclusively from BBC, History, and Discovery channels though, then you can stop right there and realize we weren't picking for the same audience.

  • Kevin

    prison break is greatest from this list, i also liked how i met your mother xD great shows 🙂

  • Thomas

    I quite agree on The Unit. I first caught an episode one day on the telly… and I was hooked! I popped into the local DVD rental store and was overjoyed to find the first 2 seasons there!! Been following it.. and they havnt let up! 🙂

    Cant say the same for Prison Break tho. Season 1 is what set the show, season 2 was good… but Season 3 was just dragging it… When s4 came out I didnt bother. Is Season 4 really that good?

  • @Thomas
    I agree with you on season 3, but season 4 is much better than season 3, so give it another chance.

  • Jim

    American Idol rocks, Hells kitchen is o.k, Entourage still makes me laugh. But sober House is my new fave

  • watch tv shows

    Prison Break is the best show ever!

  • Thomas

    Looks like a number of these have been shut down.. damn!
    Seriously cant understand why on earth they decided to stop The Unit 🙁

    Looking foward to your new list!!

  • Oh god, I actually found out through you, Thomas. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! What idiots! A part of me just died…

  • Thomas

    Prison Break too.
    And on top of that… the really crappy ones've been given a leg up!!

    I really cant understand the TV show people or whoever gets to make these decisions..

    I mean.. you have a one in a million show like The Unit.. different in every which way, you put it in a really bad time slot and keep shifting it round.. and you STILL expect it to rake in viewers in the tens of millions???!

    Blithering idiots.

    Really hope some other company decides to pick it up…

  • Get out of my head! You stole the words right out of my mouth.

    As far as PB, it's also news to me but I'm kind of glad it's ending – it's about time they finally "break out of prison".

    Good call on that hope that someone is going to revive The Unit but I doubt it. Would be amazing though.

  • I'm also shocked about The Unit and also agree with Prison Break. Really really sad face!

  • watch tv shows

    Prison Break ended but will never be forgoten. The best tv show ever!

  • Watch How I Met Your Mother

    I agree How I Met Your Mother, best show on tv at the moment!