I got a new development machine at work – a 24" iMac. Since I am not an OSX fan at all, I immediately installed Windows 7 x64 on it and initiated a search for a fitting background image.

And then I found it:


Right click here and Save As to download the 1920×1200 version

And that's how you set up your iMac people.

Credit goes to Jonzy from DeviantArt.

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  • Awesome! Thanks for commenting on my article on desktop backgrounds. I notice that this one is mostly light gray, just as I suggested in my article.

    Thanks again,


  • I'm an OSX fan. 😛 Windows 7 looks like it might be an improvement, but I still want to avoid Windows as much as possible until they do a major rewrite of the whole OS. No more Registry for starters.

    Why is it that Microsoft will try to imitate Apple's UIs, but they won't learn from what they do under the hood? The whole concept of applications being self-contained packages, for example, is something MS really needs to look into.

    Just out of curiosity, are you dual-booting your iMac with OS X, or have you entirely replaced it with Win7?

    • Win7 runs in Bootcamp, so it's dual booted but I never use OSX. If there was any other way than Bootcamp to do this, I'd just vote for that but that's the way IT set me up.

      As far as the Windows registry, I really don't think it's possible to turn this around anymore – most programs currently use the registry and for backwards compatibility, MS would have to keep it. The only thing, perhaps, that would help transition out of it, is if they made some sort of an software adapter that would act as the registry but then write results into its own local file. Don't think they think anything is wrong with the registry though.

    • Andy

      I find the majority of OSX quite disingenuous. It's basically a child's version of Linux/Free BSD that you get charged for. If you want OSX, just get Ubuntu and put up with the slightly less shiny visuals. Also, why does OSX crash without fail when i try and play youtube videos? Seems like it can't do the simplest of tasks.

      Windows has it's problems, but at least it does things its own way, and Windows 7 is the best iteration of the OS to date, fact. And just because MS implement a new user interface in Windows 7 that's modern and slick with some very user friendly features doesn't automatically qualify it as an Apple imitator. Basically I'd like to encourage you to get a little perspective.

  • scott saunders

    That looks really nice! Thankfully with the news that valve is bringing steam to osx there is now virtually no need for me to run windows via bootcamp and the games i love to play (hl2 and l4d2) will be playable natively in osx, yay 🙂

  • iTechRoom

    Nice and really cool, just downloaded for my screen.

  • FMX Team

    nice idea. I can use it for my MacBook pro.

  • Chuy Hotelier

    Nice post here. I downloaded it and made as the wallpaper of my cellphone. Thanks! Cool blog!

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  • Jimbo

    Installing windows on an imac is like taking the engine out of a Porsche and putting in a Nissan engine instead… Looks great but runs like s**t…

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