Updated: June 24th, 2020

What Is This All About?

imageIf you, like me, love StackOverflow, SuperUser, ServerFault – the community programming/software/sysadmin Q&A sites built by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood and you are an active member of these sites, you owe it to yourself to install this underappreciated and unadvertised greasemonkey script: StackOverflow – User Info Aggregate. I really think it should get more attention. All credit goes to Jon Erickson.

(What? You've never heard of the sites mentioned above and you call yourself a programmer? Shame on you – go check them out immediately!)

Once you install the script, the top bar that normally shows only single site statistics, like so:


will turn into a multi-site bar, with all your stats at a glance, like so:


Each icon is hyperlinked to your account on the respective site, which makes navigating between all of them very easy.


Here are the steps required to get the script up and running:

  1. Install greasemonkey for Firefox.
  2. Right click on the greasemonkey icon and select Manage User Scripts…
  3. Select the script from the list and click the Edit button. This should open up your favorite editor or prompt you to select one.
  4. Find the section with userIds and replace them with ones of your own (by default the IDs belong to the script author). You can get your own IDs from the user info page (click your name at the top of each site you have an account on).
  5. Now save the script file and reload the page – you should have all the stats displayed in one place.


  • Big thanks to the creator of this script Jon Erickson.
  • Original Meta.StackOverflow post by Jon.


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