Updated: May 17th, 2012

imageWell, this one took ages. And whenever something takes me ages, rather than write it down in my personal notes, I prefer to put it out online for everyone with the same problem to easily find and benefit from.

The problem I'm talking about today is trying to upgrade your Windows 7 installation to SP1 by applying Microsoft's update KB976932, called "Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for x64-based Systems" and getting nothing but a failure every time. The same problem may affect 32-bit systems as well, and I'm not sure what the update number for that would be, but the solution should work for either one.


The update starts just fine, chugs along for 10 minutes or so, then reboots the system and starts performing more operations, when suddenly one of them fails about 10% down the road, reboots, and reverts the whole process. You end up with this message (code 80070490) and a failure for which there are a lot of useless "solutions" on the web that just don't work.

Except for one. I can't take credit for it – all I did was spend a month weeding through the crap, retrying, and getting nowhere, until a genius by the name Ben-IS came up with exactly the right diagnosis and provided exactly the right solution. This solution, in my own interpretation, is below.

Step 1

We are going to use a utility called SFC (System File Checker or Windows Resource Checker), which is part of the Windows installation. It will help diagnose the problem.

Open up a command prompt (cmd) as administrator and run

sfc /scannow

This will run for a while and produce a file called CBS.log which you can find in %WINDIR%\Logs\CBS (usually C:\Windows\Logs\CBS). See this KB929833 for more info on SFC and CBS (Component Based Servicing).

sfc /scannow

Beginning system scan.  This process will take some time.

Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 100% complete.

Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.

Even though there are no integrity violations, we should have enough info in the log to diagnose the problem.

Step 2

Unfortunately, Windows overwrote my CBS.log, so I'll go by the one Ben-IS provided.

Open up CBS.log and look for something like Failed uninstalling driver updates or 0x80070490 – ERROR_NOT_FOUND.

If you have this line, which you should if you're reading this post, you should also see lines similar to these a few lines above:

2011-04-14 12:02:33, Info CBS Doqe: q-uninstall: Inf: usbvideo.inf, Ranking: 2, Device-Install: 0, Key: 598, Identity: usbvideo.inf, Culture=neutral, Type=driverUpdate, Version=6.1.7600.16543, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35, ProcessorArchitecture=amd64, versionScope=NonSxS

2011-04-14 12:02:33, Info CBS Doqe: q-uninstall: Inf: sffdisk.inf, Ranking: 2, Device-Install: 0, Key: 599, Identity: sffdisk.inf, Culture=neutral, Type=driverUpdate, Version=6.1.7600.16438, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35, ProcessorArchitecture=amd64, versionScope=NonSxS

2011-04-14 12:02:33, Info CBS Doqe: q-uninstall: Inf: sdbus.inf, Ranking: 2, Device-Install: 0, Key: 600, Identity: sdbus.inf, Culture=neutral, Type=driverUpdate, Version=6.1.7600.16438, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35, ProcessorArchitecture=amd64, versionScope=NonSxS

One of these .inf files is the culprit, and we're going to find out which one in the next step.

Step 3

Now open up a different log file located at %WINDIR%\inf\setupapi.dev.log (normally c:\Windows\inf\setupapi.dev.log).

Look for a line that contains Failed to find driver update or FAILURE(0x00000490).

Note the exact path to the .inf file that failed. In my case, it was:

sto: Failed to find driver update 'C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_usbvideo.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16543_none_8a1a2513d42628c3\usbvideo.inf' in Driver Store. Error = 0x00000490

Step 4

This is the key to the whole operation. Open up the command prompt again (cmd) as administrator and run


For example, I ran

pnputil -a C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_usbvideo.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16543_none_8a1a2513d42628c3\usbvideo.inf

You should see the following dialog:


Choose Install this driver software anyway.

The end result should be something like this:

pnputil -a C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_usbvideo.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16543_none_8a1a2513d42628c3\usbvideo.inf
Microsoft PnP Utility

Processing inf :            usbvideo.inf
Driver package added successfully.
Published name :            oem69.inf

Total attempted:              1
Number successfully imported: 1

Repeat this step for any failures found in step 3.

Step 5

Apply the SP1 Windows Update again – it should now install successfully.

And voila – enjoy your SP1!

Microsoft has failed to fix this incredibly cryptic problem, leaving it up to the users to figure out why their SP1 updates are not installing. Thanks to people like Ben-IS, solutions no longer involve head-banging, postal rage, and f7u12.

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  • Dima

    Those are good instructions. You forgot to mention that you will need a Windows 7 CD in the CD tray to run sfc /scannow. Otherwise it will prompt you for it all the time.

    • I never had to use my Windows CD at all.

      • Dima

        True, because integrity check did not have any errors to fix. Should there be any, it will ask for the Win 7 (or whatever Windows) CD to copy over original files.

  • ITGirl

    Thank you so much for this!! We had 8 different failures and thanks to other forum posts, fixed 7 of them but one laptop failed repeatedly with no fix in sight. Your post gave us the right instructions to fix it!

  • Paja

    Great instruction. I had few notebooks in my company with this error. Now I fix them all and installation of service pack finished without problem. Thank you.

  • rick van den Berg

    Been trou this staps but still encountering the saem error…
    did the scan and looked in the file on step 2 but did not find what you were mentioning.
    But at step 3 i did find the files and executed with step 4 all the "missing" drivers and than step 5 but again it fails…
    what could i still be doing wrong or could there be more?
    mine ends at 11% btw…. if any more info is required please say so i would like to get this over with as it irritated me 😀 darn microsoft… 🙂

  • Nasa

    Damn it's working, thanks a lot Artem!!

  • Bogdan

    I love you :))
    I've been trying for a few months to fix this and your tutorial is the only one that address the issue correctly.

    However I have experienced a problem after applying the fix. The BOOTMGR was missing and I had to run repair BOOT errors from Windows 7 CD. Not a big issue at all, but it's good to know.

    Cheers man !


  • HeliJoe

    That routine is fucking great!! After weeks of searching in the dark, you gave me the right instructions to fix Bill's shit, Artem. Thank you so much. The only phenomena I had was, it din't work at the first run. Every time I ran one more cycle, the setupapi.dev.log found another .inf file missing. So, I installed one more and the installation went some percent higher than before. Finally, after five trials, I could break through. Just fantastic.

    • sinni800

      This is exactly what I had. I had to run the Service Pack Setup like 3 times until… No more errors were there. There was a driver update count: 62. But he errored on the 59th. I fixed that, ran again, now it errored on the 60th and so on… I hope nobody has the same error with it dying on the 5th or so driver update…

  • Emmanuel

    Merci merci merci !!!
    3 months I was looking for a solution… (ok, not non stop but..)
    This is the only solution which worked on my laptop : 1215n eeepc, windows 7 32bits home premium.

  • iansydney

    Finally a fix to this problem which Microsoft can't properly fix themselves!

    Thank you very much!!

  • Robin

    This worked perfectly. Thanks.

  • Holiday

    Works for me too! Have a premium cup of coffee on me.

  • Theefle

    wish i could upvote you. thanks a ton

  • John

    Perfect Solution. Was struggling to get this to work until i found your post.

    Thanks a lot

  • Brian

    I also give hearty thanks for giving a solution to a problem that has caused me untold hours of grief. In my case I could not make steps 1 and 2 work at all, and frankly I see no reason for them and am not sure why they are included here. I had to repeat steps 3 onward about six times to get all the .inf files fixed. Thank you so much!

  • Nabil

    You have no idea how frustrating things were getting until i found your god send solution! Thank you so very much and i hope that last part comes true sooon enough!!

    God Bless!!
    Nabil J.

  • Tom

    You made my day

  • Marc

    Thank you for the usefull help it gave the right solution to the problem.

    Grtz from Holland

  • Gertjan

    If you get an 'acces denied' message in step 4, click Start, Select Accessories, right click command prompt and select 'run as administrator'. This did it for me. Thanks.

  • Theo

    In step 2 I can't find something like Failed uninstalling driver updates, but I find 0×80070490 – ERROR_NOT_FOUND.
    In step 3 I can't find something Failed to find driver update or FAILURE(0×00000490). What should I do 🙁 ?

  • Richard

    This is THE solution!

    Thank you so much!

  • rakesh_

    Step 4 is not working for me. Exact the same inf problem and need to install the same driver software.

    !!! sto: Failed to find driver update 'C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_usbvideo.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16543_none_8a1a2513d42628c3\usbvideo.inf' in Driver Store. Error = 0x00000490
    <<< Section end 2011/09/23 11:18:22.338
    <<< [Exit status: FAILURE(0x00000490)]

    pnputil -a error:
    Adding the driver package failed. The style of the inf is different than what was requested

    • henk

      FileRepositorycdrom.inf_amd64_neutral_c92d34b80b393423cdrom.inf' ([strings])
      !!! sto: Failed to find driver update 'C:WindowsWinSxSamd64_iastorv.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.20667_none_0ba78522ba84961aiastorv.inf' in Driver Store. Error = 0x00000490
      <<< Section end 2014/09/02 00:48:34.036
      <<< [Exit status: FAILURE(0x00000490)]

      fixed as in step 4 and finnaly yes SP1 update worked.

  • Wolfgang

    > You end up with […] a lot of useless "solutions" […] Except for one.

    Yes, exactly, and it was you who finally made my day. I just wanted to say a big "thank you"!

    Best regards from Hamburg, Germany.

  • Nocturnhabeo

    LOL why don't you have a +1 button on your blog you run a friggen Android blog.

    • I haven't updated the layout of this blog in over a year, since AP launched. Either way, this is not an Android blog and +1 doesn't even have anything to do with Android. I may add it at some point.

  • GeordieTrev

    Fantastic instructions – worked like a treat for me
    I had to run CMD as administrator, and didnt find the error when following step 2, but did find it when I followed step 3.

    This needs to be published as the recovery instructions

    Geordie from the UK

  • JrT

    Thanks Man! 😉 Exact the same error as you, and what a pleasure to finally get rid of that annoying thing…

    /Jrt, Denmark

  • Tiki35

    This absolutely worked for me too.
    Didn't need Steps 1 and 2.


    was the culprit.

    Thanks so much!

  • Spencer

    Thanks, Artem!

    Thought I was faced with a complete reinstall as my laptop not provided with Windows disks – only recovery disks to revert to factory condition.

    As noted by Hellijoe and Brian above, took several repeats of steps 3 onwards to fix all inf errors (5 in total). But worked brilliantly.

    A shame there is no acknowledgement of this problem/solution on microsoft help and support. Clearly it's a common problem as any google search will show.

    Best Regards, and thanks again!

  • Carl

    How do you run cmd as an administrator?
    My account is an administrator account, but when I run cmd it says:
    and when I try: sfc /scannow
    I get the message:
    You have to be an administrator … to use the sfc tool.
    How do I get through this?

    • Press the Win key, type in 'cmd', then right click on cmd that appears in the list and click Run As Administrator.

  • Carl

    When I type: %systemroot%logscbscbs.log
    in the cmd as admin, I get the result:
    "Access denied."
    Why is that? How can I find the cbs.log file?

    • becker hunter

      Hey Carl, you can skip step 2 and go directly to step 3 – I got the same problem here… just look for the error in the c:\Windows\inf\setupapi.dev.log file.

  • Carl

    I have found my CBS log as a text document, so far so good.

    But I can't find any line containing the error code (80070490) I get when my SP 1 fails to install. I even get zero results when I search for "driverupdate" in the log…

    How can this be?


  • Sammy

    Best way to fix these kinds of errors once and for all for me was to switch to GNU/Linux. Took them problems right off.

    • rakesh_

      It is not the best solution, but yeah I also do the same:) Linux Rocks.
      But what if you are stuck with windows for some reason?? That is my current condition:(

  • becker hunter

    Thank you so much Artem Russakovskii!!! You solved a problem that microsoft is unable to solve until now!! For those having problem with the CBS.log file, you can skip step 2 and go directly to step 3 – just look for the error in the c:\Windows\inf\setupapi.dev.log file.

  • eetronix

    Beautiful fix!! I kneel at your feet and want only to tie your shoelaces for the rest of my life.

  • Ben-IS

    Just found your site while trying to update some info on the topic.

    I'm glad that you found my posting on the MS forum and shared it with others here.

    Seeing how many more people this helped makes me feel much better at the time it took me to figure it out!

    – Ben

  • Marcel

    Almost given up, when I ran into your page.
    Tank you, thank you, Thank You. I'm am só happy!

  • Eleazar

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  • Sean Clarke

    someone should make a batch file for this solution,.

  • Lupius

    Like commenters pointed out above, setupapi.dev.log can only identify one missing inf at a time, so multiple iterations were needed. I fixed 3 inf's so far (usbvideo, sdbus, and sffdisk) and about to start the 4th install.

    Also, what exactly is the purpose of running the first two steps? Seems to me like you can just start with step 3.

  • Pramod

    thanks a ton for this guide…it totaly helped me..

    u guys proved tat u are gr8….

    True tat even microsoft ppl couldn solve it…

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!

  • the1

    a big thanks, was fighting this error for a couple days on a new build.

  • Tbone

    I'm probably the last one to update to SP1 due to this problem, and I'm grateful for the resolution found here and nowhere on MS pages.

  • Zerack

    Just wanted to thank you for this clear and concise write up. Everything worked like a charm (minus SP1 failing the first time, of course!).

    Thanks again.

  • Adam

    Thank you so much for publishing this fix, worked great.

    With regards step 2, I couldn't find any failed drivers in the log, but continuing from step 3 onwards worked perfectly.

    Enjoy the coffee !


  • NYZouave

    I was so happy to see this post, as this issue has been biothering me for weeks.
    However, when I run the pnputil, I get the message: "Adding the driver package failed: Invalid INF passed as parameter."
    I noticed after running sfc scannow, the log said, "Cannot repair member file usbvideo.inf version 6.1.7600.16543," which is of course the problem file.
    Any idea of what my options are at this point? I'm considering doing a Winows 7 repair install, which hopefully will repair that file, but I also wondered if there is a way to get this particular usbvideo.inf file somewhere else and put it in the right folder.

  • ramel123

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    You don't even know how hard I searched
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  • raw

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  • Paul

    Sounds good, but didnt work for me either… I cannot find anything in setupapi.dev.log file that contains the text 'Failed to find driver update' or 'FAILURE(0×00000490)'.

    Any recommendations please? This is driving me up the wall!

  • Gary F

    Thank you for carefully explaining this fix. I used it on Windows 2008 R2 when SP1 failed to install about 20 times. I had tried everything including hotfixes and Microsoft support.

    I didn't need to do the sfc command because the setupapi.dev.log already had that error in it several times.

    I was amazed when SP1 finally installed. Thank you Artem and also to Ben-IS.

  • Hendrik

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  • Marco

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  • Amar

    Thanks > i havnt get successful .
    i have had 7 tries to fix all .inf files and i dont know where i will stop

    is there any way to fix all .inf files with one try ?
    a way to know all the .inf files which need fix ?????

    • Amar

      each time i try to install sp1 i got failure because of a new .inf file appears

  • Greenavel

    Great great great work!! This is the only thing that worked for me, forget the application that MS provides, it does nothing to fix the problem. I was out of my wits trying to install the SP1 all day yesterday,until i came up on this article, it's the solution guys. I can vouch for it. It installed after the first try, doing all it says here and now i am one happy fellow. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot !! Cheers mate !

  • Pramod Daya

    Thank you very very much, for taking the effort to document the solution to a most annoying and persistent problem. Microsoft, please take heed.

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    thank you for this. FYI this is the second result that pops up in bing search, and your description makes it obvious that this is the search result to click. ie: "Well, this one took ages. And whenever something takes me ages, rather than write it down in my personal notes, I prefer to put it out online for everyone with the same problem to easily find and benefit from."


    darien, IL

  • Ziggy

    Hey – this did the trick. Unfortunately I can't stick all the hair I pulled out back into my head! Will get you a cup of coffee now. Thanks again


  • Ziggy

    Bought you a beer. By the way the pnputil – a didn't work I had to use pnputil/a (file location)


    • Thanks. Hope you don't mind if I use it on a beer instead 🙂

    • And weird about the pnputil. Here's what mine says on Win7x64:

      Microsoft PnP Utility
      pnputil.exe [-f | -i] [ -? | -a | -d | -e ]
      pnputil.exe -a a:\usbcam\USBCAM.INF -> Add package specified by USBCAM.INF
      pnputil.exe -a c:\drivers\*.inf -> Add all packages in c:\drivers\
      pnputil.exe -i -a a:\usbcam\USBCAM.INF -> Add and install driver package
      pnputil.exe -e -> Enumerate all 3rd party packages
      pnputil.exe -d oem0.inf -> Delete package oem0.inf
      pnputil.exe -f -d oem0.inf -> Force delete package oem0.inf
      pnputil.exe -? -> This usage screen

      • Ziggy

        Whereas Microsoft say the switches are

        PnPUtil [/a [/i] InfFileName] [/d [/f] PublishedInfFileName] [/e] [/?]

        I know the "-" did not work for me but the "/" did work.

        BTW – it was meant for a beer

  • Joe

    Ran through the process and fixed one inf file as shown in steps 3-4. But after trying to reintall SP1 i got the 80070490 error again.

    Problem is, when I go back to the setupapi.dev.log file there is no trace of error 80070490. Looks like maybe some inf errors with 000000000. Should I replace those in the same fashion?

    Not sure what to do..Any advice?


  • Potric

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  • John

    WOW – thank you SO much! I had this issue a year ago when I first built my system, and after months of searching I just gave up. When I re-installed windows the other day, I ran into it again and decided to renew my efforts to fix it. Your instructions not only work, but are the only thing even coming CLOSE to addressing the problem. Unbelievable. Thanks again.

  • KK


    This is absolutely insane… it is almost like MS chose not to fix it. I can't imagine this being a non-reproducible issue.

    In what I have understood about this problem it seems to be AMD64 components. I had 5 such fixes to do… all for amd64_*.inf files.


  • cyberst0rm

    Unfortunately this fix didnt work for me for some reason. I continue to get the same 0×80070490 error. I have resigned myself to sticking with a non service packed version of Windows 7 x64. The upside is I save disk space. 😛

  • newman-newday

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  • Colin95

    all was going well for this fix, but there is no c:\Windows\inf\setupapi.dev.log on my Win 7 64bit Dell Inspiron. I can see the errors in the CBS.log but cannot run the fix as the dev log does not exist. I can find a setupapi.offline txt doc but I take it this is not the correct log, as most of the entries are for the D drive which is the Dell recovery partition.
    Any ideas?

  • syed

    Thanks for your post, after many repetition of the steps you had given I was able to complete it !
    In the end the dialog noted : )

    Installation was not successful

    The opertaion completed successfully.

    Error: DS_S_SUCCESS(0x0)

    I presume programmer-programmer terms, that it is ok.

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  • Troy Lehman

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  • Renata

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    Thanks Artem and Ben-IS – I was having a hell of a time trying to get SP1 installed on pretty much a fresh install of Win 7. Like others I was getting very frustrated and Microsoft's 'help' did not help at all. The pnputil certainly did the trick – I just had the one .inf file causing a problem – the amd64_usbvideo.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16543_none_8a1a2513d42628c3\usbvideo.inf. Anyway all good now thamks to both you guys. Cheers!

  • Steve Orr

    Many thanks. I tried a lot of things to fix this problem. Eventually, the error code I got stabilized to 80070490 after I downloaded the ISO image and tried to install from that. From there I got to this web page. What pisses me off is that running sfc the first time told me that there was a problem that it fixed. When I ran it the second time it told me there was no problem. Clearly the idjits at uSquash are specializing in plain old bad engineering: You have to read a log file of a program that produces a favourable report to find that it failed to do the right thing?

    And I have another gripe with these idjits: When I ran the pnputil command to fix the problem, it was obvious that the install was different from the very start because it did a bunch of stuff that it didn't do when it was going to fail after an hour. That smacks to me of junior programmers who don't know to check error codes on *every* operation they do. Check every operation, do your best to recover, and report accurately what can't be fixed.

    End of rant. Sorry.

    And again, thanks for the help. There's a beer waiting for you in Framingham, MA. 🙂

  • Steph

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    Others don't be intimidated… It seems complicated but really is easy when you follow it step by step… Excellent instructions!

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    Worked like a charm.

    Have been googling for days, reading every logfile known in windows and running systemchecks/troubleshooters.

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  • Peter

    I have the same problem as rakesh_ I get this in the setupapi.dev.log C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_prnms002.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_ae3b5810d472cfda\prnms002.inf

    then when I pnputil -a C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_prnms002.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_ae3b5810d472cfda\prnms002.inf

    I get this: "Adding the driver package failed: The style of the INF is different than what was requested"
    I beleive the prnms002.inf is to do with Microsoft fax, I've tried by removing this but still SP1 failure, I would much appreciate a fix

    • Benjie

      hey peter!
      i was having the same problem but i just managed to fix it!
      this was my problem:


      and what i did to fix it, was follow the steps. but when i got to step 4, it wasnt working.
      so i closed cmd, and opened it again.

      then typed pnputil -a (and then right click n pasted exactly what is above. no " around it or anything, and it worked first time). just try it again with a new cmd window! make sure youre running as an admin!

  • melvin

    thank you very much …..i just followed step by step and i did it properly

  • Benjie

    in part 3, the file i found that failed is this
    !!! sto: Failed to find driver update 'C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_usbvideo.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16543_none_8a1a2513d42628c3\usbvideo.inf' in Driver Store. Error = 0x00000490

    so i ran cmd as admin, and ran

    pnputil -a 'C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_usbvideo.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16543_none_8a1a2513d42628c3\usbvideo.inf'

    but all that came up was

    adding the driver package failed: invalid INF passed as parameter… but its not?

    Please help me!

    • Benjie

      never mind, i installed the file! now im going to attempt to install the service pack! thanks a bunch! (how i fixed it, i copied the error without the " around it
      pnputil -a (right click, and pasted this code)


  • Uli

    Thanks a lot! Why don't we have more people like you?! I mean, Microsoft could have provided a fix in the meantime. This is how old now? Back in 2011 and still a problem to many users.

  • Blake

    Ok, amazing post .. everything worked up until the last part of the pnputil portion

    I do that same error as you and nearly everyone else..

    But instead I get

    Processing inf : usbvideo.inf
    Adding the driver package failed : The style of the INF is different than what was requested

    Total attemped: 1
    Number successfully imported: 0

    None of the nice popup trying to confirm the install or install anyway just that..

    Any suggestions?? help?? anything??

    I seen light at the end of the tunnel to the SP1 problems now I get hitched on this and its making me facepalm

    Kind regards,

    • Blake

      Lucked out messed around for a few more hours .. found a website that you can download the .inf files from and replaced it after having to jump through hoops to change windows system file editing settings.. but it worked like a charm ~

      Thank you for this post

  • Kevin

    I'm so glad I found this post. Can't believe it worked!

  • Flytrap

    worked for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH. SERIOUSLY.

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    • Lingy


      My PC installed service pack 1 finally.

      After the fix.

      It first failed the install then went through problem reboot and repair. It then responded it could not fix the problem and then asked me if I wanted to restore to an earlier version, I clicked no, it then rebooted twice. It then booted to the normal windows app screen and asked me to install service pack 1. I click yes and it went through the install OK. Bill Gates shoud be water boarded.

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    the very first time error ever happened
    the very first how-to post I tried
    the very best solution

    guess I was lucky today; will hang around —- explore other stuff here too

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    Had this problem for months!

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    I have tried the steps provided and the service pack is still installing when through I'll say thank you ………………

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    I tried these steps, however i do not have any line like those in my log files, can I be doing something wrong?

  • Petr .cz

    IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!

    The funniest thing is that the link for this amazing article is on Microsoft TechNet website 😉

    I do not really understand how could you find this solution. You are really genius.

    I take care in my bussines about 300 computers and this problem was only on 2 different Sony Vaio NBs. Is it coincidence or any "Sony adaware SW" problem?

    Before these steps I had error_transactional_conflict(0x80071a90) while installing WIN7 SP1 which I corrected into error_not_found(0x80070490) by Microsoft`s System Update Readiness Tool (64bit) ha ha ha …

    BIG Thanks to Google, that I can find solutions for many IT problems.

  • joseph

    Thanks for this post, i will try that.

  • billvan

    Thanks, man. Worked for me, although I never did find the setuppapi.dev.log file. However, as a last ditch effort I cut and pasted the command line you used as an example and… it….freakin'….worked! Also, I'll join the consensus here and say "Shame on you Microsoft for not fixing this bug yourself!"

  • Dariush

    Thank you man. Works fine for me having Windows 7 Ultimate.

    "Shame on you Microsoft for not fixing this bug yourself!"

    Maybe it is a wanted policy to buy a complete new Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 included, instead of just updating, I don't know!?!

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    Can somebody plz help me with this?

    I Cant get it fixed.

    Gr from holland

  • Carl

    A BIG thank-you to Artem Russakovskii! I spent hours yesterday trying to install SP1 and running into failure 80070490 during the reboot of the installation at about 11% just as described in appends. I went through a dozen Microsoft docs and forums with their standard advice, and none of it helped. And then I ran into Artem's suggestion of looking at the driver install log, found the problem, fixed it and I'm a very happy trooper! Thanks x 1000.

  • centomila

    Thank you! You saved my weekend! I don't understand why microsoft offer thousand of useless fix and not this.

  • Pendragonssword

    Same here Big Thank You, was finnaly able to install Sp1. Fixed the bad driver and presto succesfull install of Sp1.

  • Nickolas Selhorst

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I was going crazy here trying to fix this error and I've searched the internet for many posts and I found nothing! until today! You saved me I was finnaly ablle to install SP1. TKs so much!

  • Ed Rhodes

    Ever since 1/6/2012 over a year I have been performing useless operations, exercises and examinations in a futile attempt to learn why the big M was of no help. The one thing I did learn was to tell the wheat from the chafe. Then one day when I was about to give up all hope I found the above article. I read it six times, made my bacups and restores and waited for my wife to go shopping.
    Only when I had the house to myself did I dare to try this. The execution was without incident.

    Two and a half houres later the pc finished rebooting and said on screen for all the world to see "SP 1 INSTALLATION STRESSFUL"


  • Sergius

    Великолепная инструкция! Именно так и решилась проблема с установкой 1-го сервис-пака. Спасибо нашему русскому автору за неё – и пусть не стыдится родного языка.

  • Warren

    Thanks, I was finally able to install service pack 1 by using your instructions and some of the comments.

    1. windows update to install SP1
    2. step 3 – find error
    3. step 4 – pnputil
    4. repeat till done – it took four passes

  • Gregordy


    Thanks for this awesome tips!
    I finally got my issue resolved and I'd like to thanks you with some offe cup but unfortunately, i do not own any credit card!

    BUT! Once again:" THANK YOU!"!
    really, that provides me a great help!

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    Thanks a lot. After hours of failed attempts and searching the web, I found this working solution. Great! Thanks for posting!

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    Great stuff, thanks a million for sharing – did the trick first time.

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    Thank you so much for this! If only I had found this earlier – then I might have saved myself a few hours. The Microsoft websites I found didn't help at all, and this worked the very first time. Thanks again!

  • Belen

    Thanks!!!! I was tired of folowing the "official" help for this problem as they didn´t seem to fix the problem.
    Great post!

  • Xtrem

    Thank you a lot for this trick, I was totally despite with this f** SP1… 10 times lost 1hour of installation for fail…

  • Ping

    Amazing man! Thanks so much for this post! Only useful attempt at a fix on the entire web. Took 6 times of redoing steps 3 and 4 with a new attempt to update between each, but it worked.

  • Alex Tanner

    Hello everyone, the solution is complex but it is possible to fix

    the error without OS repair. This error indicates that the

    Component Based Servicing registry keys do not match the list of

    Windows Updates currently installed on the system (because a failed

    update left incomplete registry entries or files, an unofficial

    non-Microsoft update package has been installed, or the keys have

    been changed manually / restored to a previous state without

    running System Restore)…

    [SURT] 1. Download and run "System Update Readiness Tool" from
    (It could take up to an hour; while you wait, follow the next


    2. Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe)

    3. Scroll down and click through the "folders" until you reach


    \CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\Packages"

    4. Right-click on "Packages" and select "Permissions" from the


    5. Click "Advanced" then select the "Owner" tab.

    6. Select "Administrators" from the "Name" list, check the "Replace

    owner on subcontainers and objects" box then click "OK"

    7. Click "Advanced" again

    8. Select "Administrators" in the "Permission entries" list then

    click "Edit"

    9. Check the "Full Control" box in the "Allow" column then click


    10. Check the "Replace all child object permissions with

    inheritable permissions from this object" box then click "OK" and

    "OK" again

    [SURT] 11. If you're not sure whether the System Update Readiness

    Tool is still running, open the Task Manager (taskmgr.exe) and see

    if the Tool (CheckSur.exe) is shown in the processes list. You may

    also see "CheckSurLauncher.exe"; don't worry about that because it

    will end at the same time as "CheckSur.exe"

    [SURT] 12. Finally, inspect the log file generated by the System

    Update Readiness Tool using the Start Menu/Windows logo menu:

    notepad.exe C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CheckSur.log

    [SURT] 13. Scroll down and you should see a list of entries that

    begin with "CBS MUM Missing" (the same list appears under "Checking

    Packages" and "Unavailable repair files"; it doesn't matter which

    list you refer to).

    14. Now return to the Registry Editor and delete each key (under

    Packages, opened in step 3) which matches each "servicing\Package

    \XXX.mum" entry on a CBS MUM Missing line without the ".mum" at the

    end. Be careful not to delete any other keys!

    15. Scroll up then right-click on "Packages" (again) and select

    "Permissions" from the menu.

    16. Click "Advanced".

    17. Select "Administrators" in the "Permission entries" list then

    click "Edit"

    18. Click "Clear All" then click "OK"

    19. Check the "Replace all child object permissions with

    inheritable permissions from this object" box then click "OK"

    20. Click "Advanced" then select the "Owner" tab

    21. Click "Other users or groups"

    22. Under "enter the object name to select", type:

    nt service\trustedinstaller

    then click "OK"

    23. Check the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects box" then

    click "OK" and "OK" again

    24. Finally, close the Registry Editor, Task Manager (if you opened

    it) and Notepad

    This should have sorted your problem! It worked for me.

  • Rich

    Thank you so much. I'd tried pretty much every (long winded) suggestion out there to fix this and your solution was the only one that worked. I'd almost given up on service pack1.

    Thanks Again, regards


  • YL_GongGong

    I followed Artem's instructions (THANKS) but somehow did not see any of the character strings mentioned in 'step 2'. I ran the 'sfc /scannow' again and still did not find any.

    I am a fairly novice users so might have to give
    Alex Tanner's solution a try – sounds trickier.

    Thanks anyway for people posting.

    I struggled with this problem for over a year and now Windows automatically forces me to reinstall KB976932 (Service Pack 1), even when I click 'sleep'.

  • Richard Washburn

    Kudos, it worked for me!

    I do not understand the purpose of step 2?

    Is it to verify that this solution will help?

    Thanks again.

  • YL_GongGong

    Thanks to Richard Washburn's comment, I skipped over step 2 (previously, I stopped at step 2 after not finding any identifying character strings in CBS.log)and went to step 3. After correcting the only one error identified in the setupapi.dev.log, I applied the service pack but got another error. Corrected the second error and successfully installed this service pack. WHEW!!

    Thanks to all.

  • Cal

    This solution is the gift that keeps on giving. My daughter had been struggling with not being able to update to Win7 Sp1 for a couple of months. She's visiting this week and asked me to take a look. The solution worked a treat. She even had the same problem file as Artem. I'm really pleased to have found this. Thanks so much.

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    it works…finally.

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    Hurray! This works (although I had to do it twice) I had tried EVERYTHING recommended everywhere else and nothing was working. I didn't see that step 1/2 really did anything (yes it did the scan, but I didn't have any errors). Step 3 was the key. The second time around I just looked at the log, found another file that had failed and did Step 4 for both files. Turned off my antivius and ran the SP1 update again and it WORKED! I spent HOURS/DAYS working this and I'm so happy it's fixed now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    it works… U RE THE MASTER 😀

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    you complete legend!! was about to reinstall my OS

  • Her0

    Thanks man, this finally worked for me.
    I tried it several times & in every time it restarts my computer and begin installing the update it gets stuck at 35% and then it says "failure to install the update, retrieving changes" or something like that.

    I was going to format my hard drive and reinstall windows but I wanted to try this method for the last time & I noticed the free space in C is decreasing so I freed some space (15 gb) and it worked.

    I hope my experience helps someone out there.

    Thanks again

  • ca1v

    DUDE!! You rock!! Thank you!

  • Joshua Lawrence

    I found
    !!! sto: Failed to find driver update 'C:WindowsWinSxSx86_ntprint.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_3ad6f3251c0676a9ntprint.inf' in Driver Store. Error = 0x00000490

    I tried to pnputil it but the file was not found, I couldn't even find them (3 different files). What do I do when files are missing?

    • green

      I found too……

  • rm -rf windows

    Man! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

    Worked for me after 2'nd try.
    OS: Win 7 ULTIMATE 64 bit.

  • kate

    wow! been searching the net for any solution, this is the only one that worked for me thanks for this! =]

  • Patrick

    Thank you verry much! This fixed the problem for me 🙂

  • melmac

    Microsoft and HP had me running around in circles with fixes that did't work this did! easy and simply explained thank you ever so much!!!

  • Matthew Green

    Many thanks for posting this solution. In this case the problem was with the file usbstor.inf in the folder c:windowswinsxsamd64_usbstor.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_a47b405db18421ea

  • Josh Hayat

    I freakin' love you, dude! Thanks a lot! And my problem was: C:WindowsWinSxSamd64_netrndis.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.17233_none_23eb772b5f5707c6netrndis.inf

  • Fred-h-

    Been there, done that with 'C:WindowsWinSxSamd64_netrndis.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.17233_none_23eb772b5f5707c6netrndis.inf' But SP1 still doesn't install 🙁
    (Also, there was no 0x80070490 in the output of sfc in CBS.log; I found such errors, but before my run of sfc.)
    The investigation continues…

    • Dano

      For anyone else reading this, you have to search for every failed driver in the setupapi.dev.log file. I had multiple instances of the same inf, but then found another inf that failed. Once I ran the command on the second inf, SP1 installed fine.

  • Fred-h-

    Lo and behold, after another 2 or so repetitions of steps 3-4-5 (each time another driver) it eventually worked ! So, thanks a lot !

  • Randy

    What if the system has not setupapi.dev.log file?

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  • Igor Funa

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • szp87

    at least i FIX IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !!!! really helpfull article !!! It is interesting that Microsoft didn't public it this way !!!

    • green

      But I have another question, step by 4 return Total attempted: 0 Number successfully imported: 0 ,what should I do ?

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    Thank you so much!!

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    Two years ago I encountered this error, Finally it's solved, Thanks, Artem.

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    Bless you! Bless you! Bless you! I'd tried–and failed–to install SP1 more than a dozen times, using the tips everybody else has probably seen by now. THIS worked first time!

  • Melchior Gaspar

    OMG ;^_^; I have died an gone to fix heaven lol

    for me on a 32bit system it was
    !!! sto: Failed to find driver update

    in Driver Store.

    Error = 0x00000490

    <<< Section end 2014/05/18 03:16:15.803
    <<< [Exit status: FAILURE(0x00000490)]

    so I wrote two windows cmd batch files to store the fixes for future use lol.

    for me on Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit (laptop, Toshiba L305)

    I wrote a cmd file I name:

    "Fixes missing driver store [usbvideo.inf] causing Win7-SP1 to FAIL__x86.cmd"
    @echo on
    pnputil -a C:WindowsWinSxSx86_usbvideo.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16543_none_2dfb89901bc8b78dusbvideo.inf

    the driver string after the -a can be adjusted as needed.

    now I go to try the SP1 install again Crossing my fingers lol

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    Wonderful ! Problem solved. Thank you v v much 🙂

  • Eric

    Thanks! Finally I installed SP1! o/

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    Thank you!!!! I have donated via PayPal, but also if you come to Belgrade a barell of beer is waiting for you 🙂

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    Thank you so much for this! I searched for days to find out why the updates on my desktop were failing and this finally did it. None of the gazillion Microsoft help articles ever did anything for me.

  • markus##

    Wonderfull! Thank you!

  • henk

    FileRepositorycdrom.inf_amd64_neutral_c92d34b80b393423cdrom.inf' ([strings])
    !!! sto: Failed to find driver update 'C:WindowsWinSxSamd64_iastorv.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.20667_none_0ba78522ba84961aiastorv.inf' in Driver Store. Error = 0x00000490
    <<< Section end 2014/09/02 00:48:34.036
    <<< [Exit status: FAILURE(0x00000490)]

    Fixed it as in step 4 and yes SP1 finally update,


  • henk

    Most stupid see below fault in previous post, I don't have a CDROM in the sytem.

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  • Eugene

    Thanks a lot for the post! VERY helpful. Although in my case CBS log didn't contain any entries similar to what is displayed, I proceeded to the next step and in the setupapi.dev.log I spotted the failure to install the (EXACTLY THE DRIVER YOU MENTIONED~!!) …usbvideo… Ran the command and attempted to install SP1 – worked like a charm this time. So-o-o- happy!!! 🙂

  • sendhiloo7

    Thanks for this post.I have fixed my issue with netrndis.inf

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    Excellent, been looking for a solution to this problem for some time on a Z400. Followed the instruction. Fixed. Many thanks.

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    You are a hero mate!

    I haven't been able to get SP1 working for the last couple of years and would give it a go every now and then with the 100's of different 'fixes' online but to no avail.

    Yours is the only one that works and I can't thank you enough.

    Cheers from Australia!


    • pierre

      what have you done for fixing 0x80070490
      the correct command line please

  • me

    my god you are the man – couldnt update our company database been working on this for hours – thanks so much

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    I managed to get to step 3 – but there is no line along the lines of:

    Failed to find driver update or FAILURE(0x00000490).

  • Ace

    I need help step 3 I dont have!!

    • Ace

      Can anybody HELP ME??

  • anonymous

    After so many years of trying EVERYTHING, this has FINALLY solved the problem. Thank you so much!

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    yep. I had the same exact error with the same exact file path.

  • A.K.

    Problem solved thanks to your tips.
    It was exactly theissue desribed above.

    Since 2011 I have had this problem with the PC for my freelancer work, and I lost many of hours and tried everything without success. Now in 2015, some 64-bit software does not install without SP1, and so I gave it a last try.

    This article was unbelievable helpful and I hope you accept my small donation.
    Thank you very much.

  • Tore Aa. Hansen

    Brilliant! Thanks very much!

  • Guido

    After trying zillions of solutions without luck, your solution worked with a netbook Windows 7 Starter 32 bit.
    Nothing found on step 3, but found the 0490 error on step 4 a fixed.
    Thanks from italy!

  • Solid fix! Microsoft take notice…

  • Андрей Полищук

    Great! Thanks for this tutorial! Спасибо, Артем!

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    Bloody brilliant!

  • Marcello Bassani


    This is for all those of you who do NOT find the string 0x80070490 neither in cbs.log nor 0000490-something in that " setup devices application log " !

    Please copy cbs.log to desktop,
    Open and strg+f for " error_not_found "
    BEFORE that 'error not found' – expression there is a KBxxxxxxx indicated, for example: KB3456789
    Open up Windows Control Panel – Show Windows updates on the left – search for that KBxxxxxxxx
    If any of the found KBxxxxxxxx is shown —-》uninstall the KBxxxxxxx-update
    Restart after uninstall
    Download the KBxxxxxxxx previously found in CBS.log from Download-microsoft-page or google – select proper language
    Install as many KB-UPDATES as possible (some will refuse to be installed – forget about them)
    RESTART TWICE – 2 times, please.
    Install sp1 via windows update.

    Good choice.

  • ProofAUT

    I´m really thankfull that you made this articel!

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    Windows xp activation support has been ended and windows 7 support is over, but there's no doubt, As Windows 7 is the most recommended OS, Which through user can do almost all work without any problem, Where I recommend you to activate your OS being purchased its license code via ODosta Store
    Which is distributing license for almost all types of Microsoft Products. I personally use it and have a good experience.

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    Didn't find anything in step 3 … just proceeded to step 4.

  • Uzi

    You are the MAN!! Nailed it! Thank you very much!

  • This error code can be fixed by running windows update troubleshooter. To run Windows Update Troubleshooter, simply download from Microsoft’s website. Be sure you are downloading the tool recommended for your operating system, in this case Windows 8 or 8.1. After you download Windows Update Troubleshooter, run it to enable the tool to check for and resolve update issues on your device.

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    Thank you so, so much. I was close to giving up, when I found your solution, which worked instantly. Sent you a "coffee"! Thanks again for sharing!

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  • Johnny Petrovic

    For 3 Years i could not upgrade to Service Pack 1

    Everytime this Failure at 10% and never some helpful Infos from WinUpdate..

    But this thing just saved me from formatting my HD and installing Win7 again..

    So, thanks a LOT man..


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    Spent the last few days trying to get SP1 installed on a customer's PC, tried everything MS and other sites suggested with no success. Found this site and followed the instructions, worked perfectly. Thanks so much!!!

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    at the last step in command the driver is failing to load.it says adding the driver pakage failed. please help.

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    Thank you so much!!! I did exactly what you wrote and finally, finally I got through! Took me years! And I did not want to do a fresh install. I finally did the upgrade to 7 SP1 now. I am so happy!!!!! Thank you a thousand times!

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    Hey Thanks for this article. Worked like a charm after beating my head for a week.
    Worked on a friend's laptop with Windows 7×64 and it would start the install process but get to 10% and then a message "Failed to install updates – Reverting changes" would appear.
    Now after using "pnputil" option all is good. 158 updates available after install of Service Pack 1.
    Cheers my friend to you and Ben-IS!

  • Alana DeSchannel

    Sorry, but this did not work