I have 2 tips for Total Commander users:

  • how to display hidden local directories and files and
  • how to display hidden FTP directories and files

Really, Total Commander should just control this setting in one place but, unfortunately, it is not the case.

I usually prefer when my file manager shows me everything I have, so that I can be more in control and see the hidden directories, such as .svn or $Recycle.Bin, and files, such as .bashrc or pagefile.sys.

How To Display Hidden Local Directories And Files

  • go to Configuration -> Options… -> Display
  • put a check next to the "Show hidden/system files (for experts only)"

local show hidden files total commander

How To Display Hidden FTP Directories And Files

This one is a bit trickier – you would think the same option as above controls this, and you would be wrong.

Furthermore, you would think that it's an option in the FTP manager (Ctrl-F), and you would be wrong again.

Here is how to do it:

  • connect to the FTP server you need
  • select Net -> FTP Show Hidden Files

ftp show hidden files total commander

Weird choice for an option, isn't it?

Apparently, at least as of Total Commander 7.50a, this option persists while Total Commander is running but it is not saved when you restart it.

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  • Jayant ARORA

    Thanks for the help. The suggestions are useful

    I would love to buy you a coffee but I am in our country where we do not have credit card which can be used to pay in US $.

  • Dennis

    Wow this is good memories… knew total commander was still around 🙂

  • Martin

    You can make a key shortcut for this if you go to Misc. and then add shortcut for "cm_SwitchHidSys"

  • Omekwe Junior

    Total Commander is indeed a commander.
    it works for me after several attempts to view my lock files by Lockdir software

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  • Thanks for the post. had to google this then i noticed that my new total commander dident behave as it used to. Thanks.

    to make "FTP show Hidden Files" persistent you can modify the .ini files in commander. In the menu choose "Configuration" > "Change Settings Files Directly" In the wcx_ftp.ini add the folowing line under the [General] section: